3 Ottobre 2018



Sheema Kermani is a dancer and women and minorities rights activist. She has been travelling Pakistan for decades  with a staff of actors and actresses to stage by the theater for the oppressed, the main conflicts between genders and different ethnic groups.

Dance itself represent to her, as well as the arts in general, a means of liberation, emancipation and pacification.

For this reason we invited this astonishing figure, one of the most active and international recognized women, to our two days workshop. One session will be open to the citizens, the other will be specific for the organization of the insiders: social-health workers, cultural mediators, teachers, social workers and all those who work in close contact with gender and social conflicts.

Sheema Kermani will be appointed  Peace Woman of the month by the   Peace Women Across the Globe organization. She was up for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.


  • 2nd november h 16-19 FANO | Sala Ipogea Mediateca Montanari 
  • 3rd november h 10-13 e 16-19  FANO | Sala Ipogea Mediateca Montanari.

3rd Nov. Workshops objectives:

Thanks to the artistic instrument and to the practice of the oppressed theatre, conflicts management is performed on the principal levels of past, emotionality and imaginific function which alone can contribute to change the behaviour. The area from which these conflicts spring will be the starting point of our work.

The oppressed theater has played a great role during the most difficult moments in many cultures and many countries.

For example: Augusto Boal theatre  was founded in Brazil, in a climate of industrial and peasants struggles, in times when  the oppressive regime of the 60’s  didn’t allow free criticism, free thought  and free opinions. Boal  brought theater in daily life of people showing how everyone can actively influence social and political processes.

From the individual to the social.

Emotionalism, culture and social adherence: three levels in the same work section in order to offer an effective occasion of formation.

Sheema will work with actors and actresses in order to make her action precious to those who operate with these dynamics.

Her plays meet different levels of literacy and social condition precisely because she comes from an heterogeneous country as Pakistan and developed and enriched around the world, in artistic, political and education field.