15 Ottobre 2019



She is a singer, teacher and researcher.

Gabriella Aiello begins her studies at the Testaccio popular music school with Nicoletta Gervasi, free improvisation with Antonella Talamonti, percussions with Massimo Carrano and “peasant singing aesthetics” with Giovanna Marini.

She refines her technique with Xavier Rebut at the Maestro Sergio Pezzetti school and with the maestro Antonio Juvarra.

She studied indian chants with Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay, overtones with Roberto Laneri. She collaborated with him in the “in forma di Cristalli” ensemble. She studied Bulgarian polyphony with Milena Jeliazkova and traditional polyphony with Francesca Ferri and modal music with Peppe Frana.

She’s a graduate in Gordon Theory for the musical teaching for children.

She gave her voice to the Indaco project with Rodolfo Maltese from Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and of the Tamburellando orchestra directed by Arnaldo Vacca.

She’s the voice of most of the La paranza productions, founded by Nando Citarella. She plays with Tamburi del Vesuvio in many festivals and television shows.

She collaborates with Mauro Palmas, Elena Ledda, Alessandro Foresti, Riccardo Tesi, Marco Poeta, Giuliana De Donno, Patrick Valliant,  Ars Ludi ensemble, Oni Wytars,  Manuela Kustermann and the Mvula Sungani dance company .

She played in sountracks for Rai production such as Sole Dentro directed by Paolo Bianchini.

Shas been teaching for many years etnopopular polyphony in the summer masterclasses of “Vocinsieme”.