4 Ottobre 2018



Born in Gambia, in 1996, and asylum seeker for a reception center in Pesaro.

Like his father and grandfather, he is a Griot, that is: “he who has the gift of the word”; he plays the Kora, a 21-string harp typical of his native country.

For centuries the kings of the ancient African empires have given their story to the poets Griot, so that they could tell it by singing between fairs and villages.

Jabel is in Italy since 2015, after ten days of walking in the desert and three days by sea, passing through Mali, Burkina, Niger and Libya. He plays the traditional music of West Africa and some original pieces of his own: these are detailed stories about the vicissitudes overcome during his long journey.

He participated, among other cultural representations, at the Fano Jazz Festival, at the international Festival “Talking Islands”, at the festival “Betraying its roots in music 2018″ promoted by the Chigia Academy of Siena – and at the “Paesaggi Sonori” festival in Abruzzo.